Paleo Day 3 Lunch: Turkey Sushi Rolls


So easy. I’d love recos for a mandoline slicer with attachments for making matchstick veggies.

Turkey Rolls

Sliced turkey deli meat

Cucumbers, in thin matchstick pieces

Carrots, in thin matchstick pieces

Avocado, thinly sliced

Sesame seeds (optional)

Dipping Sauce

1/4 cup Paleo Mayo

1/2 teaspoon coconut aminos or Bragg Liquid Aminos

1 tbs chopped chives


Prep time: 15 mins

Serves: As many as you like

Directions: Lay a piece of turkey deli meat flat on a cutting board

2. Layer the matchstick veggies, plus the avocado slices, down the length of the turkey slice

3. Tightly roll the turkey slice around the veggies

4. Roll the entire turkey roll in a plate of sesame seeds if desired

5. Slice into small rolls

6. Mix all the sauce ingredients and serve with the turkey rolls for dipping.


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