My whole9 goals list for 2013


In preparation for my whole30 challenge, it is recommended for each person to take a thoughtful look at their goals. For me, goal-setting for things in my life sometimes feels daunting and a little bit scary. When I set out to accomplish something tangible, I’m very much a person who likes to see a project through to completion. There’s an indescribable satisfaction to be done and moving on. But life doesn’t work that way and I think that’s why I’ve had a lifetime of personal goal failure, to the point where I don’t set them anymore. Goals in life are on-going. It’s kind of like healthy eating, you’re never done with healthy eating; you can’t cross it off your to-do list. Its just forever there, as something you have to think about and complete, day after day. Ughhhh so tiring! I’m still trying to figure out my systems to simplify this particular aspect of life, and overall, I’m like a child with these personal goal things. I really have no idea how to do it and to integrate it and not treat it like something with a start and end date.

So I’m making lots of progress with fitness as a way of life and I’m ready to make it a full package. Here are my whole9 goals for my first whole30.

I. Nutrition

I will plan and prepare lunch everyday (this is the easiest meal for me to fudge on)
I will allow meal flexibility and not be de-railed by changes to the schedule.

II. Sleep

I will sleep at least 8 hours every night.
I will eat my last meal at least 2 hours before going to bed.
Next time: I will turn off all electronics (TV, phone, computer) one hour before bed.

III. Stress Management

I will do a physical therapy stretch routine at least once everyday.
I will do yoga at least once every week.
Next time: I will attend events at Insight Meditation Center.

IV. Exercise

I will do a cardio workout 5-7 times a week
I will do an Intro to CrossFit Class (4x) to determine if CrossFit is right for me.

I will start strength training with a personal trainer 2x a week.

V. Active Recovery

I will foam roll after every workout.

VI. Injury Rehab

I will drink 80oz water/day to stay hydrated and not aggravate my lower back issues.
I will do simple stretches throughout the day to stay limber and flexible.

VII. Fun and Play

I will join a co-ed volleyball league with John.
We will do something as a family every weekend.

VIII. Personal Growth

I will read at least 20 pages of a book of choice everyday.
I will make journal entries at least 4x a week.

IX. Temperance

I will limit computer screen time/internet roaming to 30 minutes everyday.

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