One week of primal eating


It’s been a full week of cutting out 99% of the processed foods, sugar, flour, grains and dairy that have always been a part of my life. I feel FANTASTIC. I really feel like a different person.

1- The endless sugar/carb loop has died. I never did the simple math here. I’d have a fiberOne bar (thinking I was a hot shot good choice maker) and even though it was chock full of fiber, from god knows where, I’d want to have another one immediately after. Without realizing it, the whole day, I’d actually be thinking about where I was going to get my next pseudo-good-choice fix. Fruit leather? Special K cereal? Yogurt? Since cutting out ALL of these foods, I have no urges to get or keep a sugar high.


2- I feel satisfied and not hungry and desperate.
Every meal has been a little journey this week. I’ve spent time thinking about it, planning it, purchasing it, preparing it and eating it. I did this before, obviously, but for whatever reason it has felt a lot more intentional this week. I find myself thinking about the wholesomeness of the food I am putting in front of myself and each meal is kindof treasured, in a non-creepy way. After I eat, I feel sated, happy and fulfilled. I don’t want for heaping amounts of any meal, I just eat what feels right, and I don’t crave dessert or a late night snack. I’m just plain good.

3- I look at processed food without interest and maybe a little disgust.
In one week it feels like what I imagine it must be like to live in the wild, having to trust your instinct to survive. I can almost hear my body speaking to me, thanking me for ingesting food full of life and goodness and not manufactured garbage. I’d be the last to believe that I’d ever really feel this way. I mean, I’d certainly get to the point of acknowledging that healthy food is healthy, but deep down I’d still think unhealthy food is yummy. Today when I think about my “treats” I feel like I know too much and they have lost their appeal. I’m willing to accept that this is how I feel today and that may change or fluctuate, but it feels really good to be in control of the matter and not ignore the fact that all those goodies were wreaking havoc on my body, mind and mood.

4- My body is seeing rapid changes.
Since I’m never super hungry and always under my calorie budget each day combined with my continued attention to fitness each day, I can feel my body has quickly slimmed down and become tighter. I feel great! I’ve been working out pretty much every day since July and my progress has been slow and steady, but honestly, its been painfully slow. As a person with a considerable amount to lose, I was expecting to blow the scale away by adding a daily workout in. But over the course of 5 months, I’ve only lost 30 lbs. After one week of paleo, dare I say, losing weight feels effortless? All I can think is, just keep doing this, putting the work in to plan and cook good food and you WILL get to your goal. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so confident because I’d always been warring with sugar, flour and my will power.

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