The Alcohol Experiment


After a week and change of eating paleo, I decided to have a few glasses of wine last night. Wellll, this has been an interesting day of recovery. I feel cruddy. I feel like I poisoned my body (which I did) and all it wants to do is purge clean (which it is). What I find even more telling, is my behavior under the influence. I haven’t been hungry this whole week, but last night a few hours after dinner I was ravenous and ate a bunch of fruit leathers. Decent choice, yes, but only because there wasn’t anything forbidden for me to grab. For the past two weeks, my nail biting habit has gone on hiatus and wouldn’t you know, I chomped down two nails last night. Putting these pieces together is blowing my mind. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, food and drink really do influence your behavior, mood and compulsions.


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