Paleo Meal Plans


Here are meal plans to help you get started. Some of these are pulled from various Paleo books and cookbooks and others are handmade. I would recommend starting with a pre-made plan like these below to try out plenty of recipes, find meals you love and feel comfortable cooking. Paleo can be an expensive lifestyle, so I recommend moving towards making your own meal plans based on local store sales and what is in season. I am based in the SF Bay area and will be creating meal plans according to those sale cycles.

To do this, I scan the ads for each store and make a short list of the meats, vegetables and fruits that are on sale. Then I search the tags of this blog to find recipes for those ingredients. There is a great list in Practical Paleo found here which talks about items to stock up on, both for your pantry and your refrigerator. Get to know this list and scoop up those items as they go on sale.

Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook 1-week meal plan


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