Let’s try it out


The past few months I’ve been paying attention to my health, listening to my body, reacquainting myself with the cues and instincts of a healthy person. After experiencing constant pain starting in March 2012, with what turned out to be herniated discs, I’ve felt awakened in a number of ways. My habits, somehow after all of this time, were (and still are) basically a form of self-abuse and against basic common sense. It’s like my body has forgotten what is good for it. But what I’m finding over this slow process is that it’s my mind that is conducting all the shady business and my body is being overpowered, ignored, and suppressed. This realization has rocked my understanding of everything. I look admiringly at those who “know” their body, respond to its needs, and have rock solid values that promote their own well-being. I’d like to journey into that world, I’d like to treat myself better and pass those behaviors and ideas to my children.